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How Does CPV Marketing Works

CPV is similar cost-per-view, a business model that is generally used with pop-ups, pop-unders and interstitials. Advertisers pay only when the window of your ad appears on the user´s browser. This allows the advertising campaign is more high impact.

To increase the likelihood of an income from their ads, it is essential to deal with specific keywords, URLs, countries and companies that offer canales.Different mechanisms suggest keywords and URL to complete and manage your advertising campaign. is also helpful to spend some time in the search engines to understand your example of the public announcement. Remember that you can not sell advertising if it is not centered everything required by your business.

Once you have a list of keywords or destination URL, it is time to use our cost-effective, self-service platform for the competition. Auction starts at low prices $ 0.015 USD per keywords and URL targets. Otherwise, a more economical option is to produce an agreement for advertising in the implementation of the network of only $ 0.004 USD.

You have full control over your advertising campaign, but if you have any problems with the installation, our expert account managers can help you target, creative strategy, offers, or optimization.

Advertisers only pay when your ad is served to a unique user. If successful the keyword or URL submission, your ad will start on the screen as a pop-up ad or interstitial when a user visits the web site or search for specific keywords. This allows a very visual that makes the ad more visible and striking. Well-targeted ads to bring high quality traffic and more conversions.

After you bid on keywords and your ad campaign is planned, sit back and enjoy the revenues begin to flow in.